Why Choose Us

Here are answers for a few frequently asked questions:

  • Who Are We?

    PacFordia Education, established in 2023, offers high-level mathematics education for middle and high school students. Our faculty, experienced and dedicated, focuses on a strong foundation in basic knowledge, effective classroom material organization, and preparation for academic and competitive exams. We prioritize the development of mathematical thinking and a passion for math, enhancing independent learning skills. This approach fosters an ideal learning environment for aspiring students. At PacFordia Education, we maintain rigorous academic standards and continually refine our teaching methods to ensure superior educational quality. Our goal is to nurture outstanding talent, making us a cradle for student success and future leaders.

  • 🔍 Math Quest is a sequence of rigorous courses that build a solid math foundation and prepare you for various math contests 📚🌟
    🔍 1. Level I - Level III: suitable for middle school students (or talented elementary school students). Topics covered (included but not limited to): Geometry, Number Theory, Combinatorics (counting).
    🚀 2. Level IV - Level V: Suitable for high school students (or talented middle school students). Topics covered (included but not limited to): Geometry (transformations and proofs), Number Theory, Combinatorics (construction and proofs), Problem Solving Strategies.

  • Current middle and high school students, particularly those with talent who wish to advance beyond their peers, home school students, all are welcome.

  • Our instructors have years of teaching experience, supported by glowing feedback and numerous success stories from their students.